Klaus von Rothstein

Human Merchant




Klaus von Rothstein is a self-important merchant from a relatively influental family. His main claim to fame is that his uncle Konrad founded a very successful mercantile guild in Marienburg when Klaus was but a lad. From an early age, Klaus followed in his uncle’s footsteps, eager to turn brass coins into silver, and soon silver shillings into gold crowns.

Klaus leads a soft, solitary life, and has grown accustomed to getting his way. His grating voice, irritability, and condescending manner never won him much friends growing up. Now that Klaus has earned a measure of success and wealth, he feels he has come into his own – often mistaking others’ greed and eagerness to earn some coin from von Rothstein ventures as actual loyalty and respect.

Klaus is not a small man. His large, flabby frame is decorated in fine silks and satins. Stretched across his portly body, what would otherwise be considered fashionable clothing on a smaller man often comes across as ridiculous. Behind his back, more than one former business partner has commented that Klaus looked far more like a merchant’s festival pavilion than a merchant himself.

Klaus von Rothstein

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